Friday, October 21, 2016

Cosmetic surgery and virtual reality: to see if the retouch will give us –

cosmetic surgery & realityà increased: to see you before surgery and avoid awakenings traumatic

Goodbye awakenings traumatic after cosmetic surgery: here comes augmented reality

cosmetic Surgery and augmented reality: stop arousals traumatic after cosmetic surgery thanks to 3D. It spreads gradually, also in Italy, the practice of the first check through the new technologists, the result of the intervention.

The United States lands in our country the practice of use augmented reality to "Wear first" new nose or new breasts so as to avoid waking up after a plastic surgery and be disappointed or worse, of failing.

To communicate during an interview is Alessandro Casadei, vice president of the Italian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (Aicpe), which states:

“The possibility of reconstruct a 3D image of the patient and to change it is changing the way in which to approach a specialist consultation and, if possible, a surgical procedure. The patients can see on a screen a figure rotating in space. In addition, wearing a pair of special glasses, can come into a fitting room and virtual “try on” on itself the effects of the intervention would, for example, the form and the volume of a possible new breasts, both from their own point of view, both rimirandosi in the mirrors of the virtual”.

cosmetic Surgery, before and after the intervention: the test of the result

still Says Casadei:

“so Far the patients asked the doctor a series of photos before and after to be able to get an idea of how it could have been the final effect. In the case of breast enhancement, made to wear to the patient a bra special where you inserted the prosthesis to try the direct effect. The next logical step in these methods is virtual reality”.

virtual Reality for cosmetic surgery: yes, but handled with professionalism and ethics

however, Alessandro Casadei:

virtual reality must be handled by serious professionals, why the use of these methods requires, in addition to technical ability, computer science, the also a serious ethical behaviour. Do not forget that you are unable to obtain an image as similar as possible to the result only if the operator takes into account all the characteristics of the patient, from the tone to the thickness of the tissues. Once again, the seriousness and the preparation of the specialist plastic surgeon plays a pivotal role. Otherwise, these tools could be used to make promises that cannot be created with the only purpose to attract and entice new patients.”